Family Business #SundayPhotoFi



Tring, tring, tring, tring,” Shalini was busy working in her father’s shop when her cell phone rang. She did not answer the unknown number, as she had no intention of talking to a stranger after a tiring day.

Shalini has been working with her father complete his supply order of jackets for glass bottles. Elegant and environment friendly bamboo and jute jackets are in demand in the country.

 Today, Shalini could not attend Sailen’s party. Sailen had invited her personally as his childhood friend. He also dropped a hint that Bishnu may also turn up. Shalini, Sailen and Shyam were childhood friends. Tide of time had moved them apart.

Shalini had expressed her inability to attend the party, while wishing Sailen well and thanking him for the invite. But within her heart, Shalini had a desire to see a glimpse of Shyam.

Her phone rang again, and again and again. Someone must be trying to reach her. Eventually, she answered the call.

Hello, this is Inspector Sharma calling,” the voice on the other end was authorative, “am I talking to Shalini Srivastava?”

 Shalini could not figure out, what did she do to deserve a call from the police.

Read : Investigation

Word Count : 198

This little piece of fiction was inspired by the weekly prompt challenge hosted by Sunday Photo Fiction Jun 23rd, 2019, for Aspiring Writers. For other stories on the theme, look here.

Photo Credit: Padre’s Ramblings

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