Happiness is a State of Mind #Happinessworthless


This week, Indispire raises the question, Is happiness worthless today? Today so many people are running to earn money leaving some responsibilities behind ,while running they are forget to laugh or real happiness.”

As I understand from my life and people around me, I think we are trying to embrace happiness in every sphere of life and trying everything to become happy. Unfortunately, most of us do not realise that we are looking for happiness in wrong places. Happiness is a state of mind. This state of mind can be induced with the help of chemicals as well as through regular practice. On some days we feel happy without any apparent reason. Nothing actually changes in our lives., but we look at the world differently. The opposite also happens quite a lot of time. Happiness is a play of brain chemicals. It has been shown that mood altering chemicals when introduced into human body can induce a state of euphoria as long as the effect of chemicals last. By practicing yoga one can attain a state of happiness at will.

Regular human beings are neither a junkie nor an advanced yogi. We feel happy when we achieve something through our own effort. As work place becomes more and more monotonous and scope of creativity becomes less and less, we try to seek uniqueness by other means. We develop hobbies. Some climb mountains, others dive deep into ocean. Some write beautiful articles others embrace elegant dance forms. Acquiring material wealth is another way of establishing our uniqueness and becoming happy. Problem is that we do not understand that our reference points are relative. The moment we realize that our neighbor / friend / colleague not only have everything that we have, but they also have things that are better in quality, our happiness vanishes.

In summary, humans are seeking happiness always. Unfortunately they are looking at wrong places. Happiness obtained from external objects is transient in nature. Permanent happiness can be obtained by practicing mental discipline.

Note : This post is written in response to Indispire prompt. More posts may be found here.

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    1. Thank you for reading. Yoga like any exercise can release brain chemicals inducing a sense of happiness. Advanced yogis, can remain in a state of permanent bliss voluntarily.


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