Spiteful #SundayPhotoFiction


Shalini had made up her mind about visiting Guru ji. So enraged was Shalini, that she did not even notice her cat looking at the image of chick moving around on the computer screen.

An idea struck Shalini out of no where. Shalini had noticed that her cat’s behavior changed everytime the picture of tiny chick came on the screen. In her psychology class she had learnt, visual stimulus could change behavior.

Can human behavior also be changed?” Shalini had asked her teacher, “ say by using chemicals?

Certainly!,” Professor had answered, “Haven’t you heard of mood altering drugs?

Shalini’s had found a perfect way to avenge her insult. Uncontrollable anger had taken over her, ever since Shyam and Sandhya came close. Since childhood, Shalini considered Shyam to be her future. Now a new girl has displaced Shalini!

She had heard that Guru ji could solve problems. “What good is all these years penance”, Shalini reasoned as she made up her mind, “if he could not help people?” If nothing else, Shalini could procure some good quality cannabis from her contacts in the ashram. She knew weakness of people.

Word Count : 189

Photo Credit : Sue-Z

This little piece of fiction was inspired by the weekly prompt challenge hosted by Sunday Photo Fiction Sep 1st, 2019, for Aspiring Writers. For other stories on the theme, look here.

I am participating in #MyFriendAlexa Program @Blogchatter

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    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Shalini is a common name in this part of the country. May be a disclaimer should be included,, “any similarity is purely coincidental!”


  1. I love your stories packed with all the emotions and leaving good message behind them. The choice of right kind of words is always perfect & add flavor to your fiction. One can’t go without getting mesmerized with your writing. Never get bored of them. waiting for more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Micro fictions end suddenly leaving readers to imagine. Let me see if can give expression to Shalini’s thoughts. Thank you reading.


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