One Monster Less #SundayPhotoFiction


Look carefully,” the young police officer said to Nalini, “can you identify this person?

What good is technology?” Nalini wondered, “if one still has to drag a relative to the mortuary to visually identify the dead!

Rajeshwar Singh’s face looked grotesque wrapped in a cellophane. An oblong face, dotted with scars, bore testimony to many a brawls he had been involved in.

A monster,” Nalini thought, “in life and even in death.”

Why is his face wrapped in cellophane?” Nalini asked the young officer, “is this how he died, of suffocation?

Yes, madam,” answered the officer, who still retained a bit of humanity to respond to questions, “we think he was suffocated and shot at.”

Nalini and Rajeshwar were married for some time. Rajeshwar’s cruel nature and wayward tendencies had forced Nalini to seek a divorce.

I shall hunt you down bitch and make your life a living hell,” she remembered Rajeshwar’s threat, as she looked carefully at the face with cautious trepidation, “no one can get out of Rajeshwar Singh’s life that easy.”

This is Rajeshwar Singh,” as she identified the body, Nalini not aware of the flowing tears of relief, “world is one monster less, today.”

Word Count : 198

This little piece of fiction was inspired by the weekly prompt challenge hosted by Sunday Photo Fiction Nov 10th , 2019, for Aspiring Writers. For other stories on the theme, look here.

Photo Credit : Michele Blanche

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