Culling Wild Animals Abhorrent but Choices are Limited

A battle has erupted between environment minister Prakash Javdekar on one side, and noted animal right activist and central minister Ms Maneka Gandhi along with animal rights groups on the other. Issue at hand is permission granted by environment ministry to kill Nilgai in Bihar. Activists representing animal rights groups call killing of Nilgai in Bihar... Continue Reading →

Drought, What Can We Do

Report after report on TV and news papers describe in detail how  state after state is under influence of draught. Farmers have lost crop, there is no food to eat and no water to drink for either man or animal. Farmers are moving to cities in search of job. Drought has hit village after village in... Continue Reading →

Drought, IPL and Society

As drought hits village after village in different districts of at least 8 - 9 states of India. We see on television men, women and children walking miles to fetch drinking water. We  hear  farmers committing suicide because of crop loss, farm animals do not have fodder and drinking water. Villagers have started moving out... Continue Reading →

Drought Hit India

Many states, at least seven, have areas with water scarcity and are declared drought hit. These include, Bundel Khand area of Uttar Pradesh and parts of Madhy Pradesh, Latur and Beed districts of Maharashtra, Telangana Gujarat, Chattisgarh and even parts of Orissa. Water shortage affecting millions of people. Districts after districts, and talukas after talks... Continue Reading →

Sri Sri Ravishankar and Jamuna

Sri Sri Ravishankar and his Art of Living Foundation decided to organise a function on the bank of Jamuna river for three days. A flurry of protests erupted from environmentalists. The matter went to Green Tribunal or Green Court. Petioners wanted the function should be stopped and moved to another venue. While different people had... Continue Reading →

Odd Even Plan Must Continue

Government of Delhi initiated Odd – Even plan from 1st Jan, 2016. It is likely to last till 15th of Jan, 2016. The program means, cars ending with odd numbers will ply on odd dates, while cars ending with even number will be allowed to come out on even dates. The objective of the move... Continue Reading →

Waste to Energy, Fact or Fiction

We have heard rags to riches stories. But waste to energy! is it really possible? Incredible as it may sound, business houses are coming forward to claim huge market for Indian waste to be their own. Question is how viable is technology to rid India of her mess?Concept of waste management is very new in... Continue Reading →

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