God Particle, Higgs Boson and Vedanta #WOW

A fundamental question that has been asked time and again, "is there a deeper purpose to life?" is there a common principle that is fundamental to all existence? Seekers, scientists, philosophers have been trying to search answer following different methods. Practitioners of modern science have analysed material world in search of the truth. Scientists discovered... Continue Reading →

Bloggers are no Idiots #OnlineWriting

This week’s prompt questions intelligence of bloggers, influencers and reviewers that write review on a broad range of topics - book, tech, lifestyle, food and fashion. I disagree with this suggestion for the following reasons: No one is qualified to call out a fellow blogger an idiot. We should not use such a harsh word... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Like Kumbhakarna #WOW

“Maharaj Lankesh! banara sena is playing havoc with our army. Hanuman, Jambuban, Sugrib, Lakshman, are killing our soliders. We need a senapati.” “Where is my brother, Kumbhakarna, mahamantri?” “He is in his palace, Maharaj; no one can wake him now, he is in his six month sleep cycle.” “What nonsense! Wake Kumbhakarna up. Lanka is... Continue Reading →

Love is a Play of Brain Chemicals #Love

Before we discuss this question of spatial and temporal appearance of love in a human being’s life, we must understand that like hunger, sleep, love is also a biological response. Scientists have categorized love into three componens, namely Lust or feeling of sexual desire; Attraction where is partner is narrowed down for romantic pursuit; Attachment... Continue Reading →

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