Bloggers are no Idiots #OnlineWriting

This week’s prompt questions intelligence of bloggers, influencers and reviewers that write review on a broad range of topics - book, tech, lifestyle, food and fashion. I disagree with this suggestion for the following reasons: No one is qualified to call out a fellow blogger an idiot. We should not use such a harsh word... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Like Kumbhakarna #WOW

“Maharaj Lankesh! banara sena is playing havoc with our army. Hanuman, Jambuban, Sugrib, Lakshman, are killing our soliders. We need a senapati.” “Where is my brother, Kumbhakarna, mahamantri?” “He is in his palace, Maharaj; no one can wake him now, he is in his six month sleep cycle.” “What nonsense! Wake Kumbhakarna up. Lanka is... Continue Reading →

Love is a Play of Brain Chemicals #Love

Before we discuss this question of spatial and temporal appearance of love in a human being’s life, we must understand that like hunger, sleep, love is also a biological response. Scientists have categorized love into three componens, namely Lust or feeling of sexual desire; Attraction where is partner is narrowed down for romantic pursuit; Attachment... Continue Reading →

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