Shocked #TellTaleThursday

Like every morning, Shefali was sitting before family deity Lord Govinda. But her mind was not on the lord.   “Bamun ma, send some one to bazaar for fresh vegetables and fish,” Shefali felt guilty for ignoring her lord but reasoned, “Gobinda will understand, today is special!” Shefali did not sleep all night. Shailen, her son,... Continue Reading →

Vagabond #Sunday Photo Fiction

I found an empty bench at the end of the platform and sat down. I love to sit on a railway platform and watch trains go by. It is like watching life flowing by. Some fast trains move around like a busybody off to an important assignment. They whistle shrilly to announce that they are... Continue Reading →

Man Making Education #WOW

In India, so many things need a better design for us citizens to feel comfortable, the list is endless. I think first and foremost thing that we need to redesign is the way we look at lives. Our mindset should change. At home and at our educational institutes we must inculcate practice of honesty and integrity.... Continue Reading →

Felicitation #HelpMithuSaveSchool

“This Guru Purnima let us honor Abani da,” suggestion came from a friend from our high school days. Abani da had been the hostel warden in junior section of boarding and also principal of the junior school run by the Mission. The idea found traction. We all felt, who can be a better person than... Continue Reading →

Paper Boat #Sunday Photo Fiction

“Dad look, a paper boat,” excited shout from his seven year old son drew his attention to the boat, resting beside a stone, waiting to be released on water, “why don’t we make one dad?” -----------------------------------------X----------------------------------------- “Bhai, lets float a paper boat on the river,” the request took his mind back many years, when a... Continue Reading →

Getaway #Tell Tale Thursday

“This Valentine’s day let us spent time together out of town,” Madhav put forward the proposal to Ayesha, “I have a two night three days booking in a resort in Malaya, everything taken care of what do you say?”  Madhav and Ayesha, met at a mutual friends place, have been seeing each other for nearly... Continue Reading →

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