Plunge #TellTaleThursday

Shyam Sunder came out on the spacious balcony outside. Everyone else was busy inside the room, dancing, chatting and eating. He stood on the parapet, spread his arms in an wide arc and jumped. In utter disbelief a few rushed out to the balcony only to see the body going down and hitting the ground... Continue Reading →

Assassin #Sunday Photo Fiction

He panned his binocular over the sandy beach, and on the whitewashed homes each with a red tiled roof. Compared to where he came from, this village by the sea looked like a heaven on earth. Every morning, he wakes up to sound of kids screaming, and goes to bed with sound of family bickering.... Continue Reading →


“Great! A long hard day at work, now this at home?” swore Mala. Stale smoke, cigarette butt filled ashtray, empty liquor bottle, bunch of discarded tissues, among others greeted Mala, as she unlocked her apartment door. “I need to find an apartment of my own,”vowed Mala. A trainee in a BPO, Mala earned just enough... Continue Reading →

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