GOI, Do Not Interfere with Food Habit

Government of India is bringing a law that will ban sale of cattle for human consumption. There are many Indians who do not eat beef. Slaughter of cow is not allowed in most states. Now government is attempting to stop slaughter of bull, bullock and buffalo. Government wants farmer selling his cattle to ensure that... Continue Reading →

Moving Towards A Vegetarian India?

At the outset, I declare that I like to eat non vegetarian food. Not the exotic anything that moves variety. I like regular non vegetarian food.  I am also aware of the following points that can be put forward against eating a non vegetarian food : In commercial chicken farms, chicken is fed and forced... Continue Reading →

Protect Cow, Jail Gau Rakshak

I am not a gau rakshak (protector of cow). I despise people killing a human in the name of cow protection. While all living beings are sacred, in the relative world we live in, a human life is more important than an animal life, no matter how revered. Economists believe, unless farmers are allowed to... Continue Reading →

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