Blogging Makes Me Happy #IAMBLOGGER

I have been blogging for sometime time now. I started to write for the good feeling that came from the ability to combine together pieces of information and synthesise a concise piece. Generally, many people write on a specific area of expertise. I had no specific area of specialisation. I wrote on topics that interested... Continue Reading →

Zamindar #BlogchatterA2Z

Singh family, is considered a true blue blood in this town. Earlier times, they used to own a lot of land and had a haveli. Locals would address them as Raja saheb. In olden days, Royal family would throw party at their pleasure palace outside the town during important festivals like holi, diwali and new... Continue Reading →

Yearn #BlogchatterA2Z

  "I want to soak some sun, breathe fresh air, soothe my eyes looking at the greenery," insisted mother, "I am tired of these four walls. I cannot take it anymore." Mother noticed the yellow bicycle as soon as they emerged from the station. The sheer beauty of the yellow color filled her mind with... Continue Reading →

X Mas Present #BlogchatterA2Z

“Hari babu every year on this day you distribute so much snacks among neighborhood children!” the shop owner had once asked, “may I know why?” “This day reminds me of a boy looking at your shop, standing outside. Oldest of  siblings, it was his responsibility to take something home for rest of the family to... Continue Reading →

Wise Man #BlogchatterA2Z

Khurana was looking at the bright sunny day and deep blue ocean from his hotel room window. He could see a young man hugging his girl friend on the roof top of  adjacent house. “Something in the air, that arouses love and passion in people”, he thought. Inside, atmosphere was frosty. Mrs. Sharma was still... Continue Reading →

Vacation #BlogchatterA2Z

“Khurana, this is an all expense holiday package,” O P Khurana’s boss dangled it on his face and ordered, “get out and take the vacation.” The idea of a vacation was foreign to Khurana who was used to coming office early and leaving late. “What do people do in a vacation?” asked Khurana to his... Continue Reading →

Unanswered #BlogchatterA2Z

 Sam and Shalini noticed the teenage boy sitting by a tombstone. They saw the boy everytime they cut throught the cemetery to save time and distance. Initially, they ignored the boy. One day, Sam decided to enquire. In case if he could be of some help.  “Who is that boy sitting alone; I see him... Continue Reading →

Train Watcher #BlogchatterA2Z

A middle aged man entered the near empty platform, found an empty bench and sat down. -----X----- “Get this man out of my station,” Sam was clueless why sitting on a platform bench is an issue; his boss asked him to sort out the complain of station manager, he had not much of a choice. “What... Continue Reading →

Stranger #BlogchatterA2Z

“I don’t believe in ghost and anything out of the ordinary events,” Shalini was in her forceful self, “if something wants to scare me, it has to present itself to me; then it would no longer be a ghost would it.” Shalini was very proud of her succinct argument as she started arranging woods for... Continue Reading →

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