Disappointed #FridayFictioneer

He saw the bus, body painted in white with a thick red line in the middle, on his way to school. “Can I also travel by bus, dad?” “Walking is good for health, son,” father hid his inability to stretch his tight budget any further. He suppressed his disappointment for not been able to explore... Continue Reading →

Memories #FridayFictioneer

“Sir, look at this one,” the manager said excitedly handing over a bottle of peach jelly, “our best selling product!” The bottle brought back memories. “Mother, every time we buy mango jelly,” the young boy pleaded with his mother, “buy peach jelly this time.” Running her family on a shoestring budget, mother’s options were limited.... Continue Reading →

Science is an Attitude #WOW

WOW prompt this weeks asks how can India make further progress in science and technology? From childhood, I had a mental picture of a scientist created reading novels and watching movies. A bespectacled, bearded and often a balding man working with colored chemicals in a glass tube, often heating the tube on a Bunsen burner. ... Continue Reading →

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