Raghu, the Rascal #BlogchatterA2Z

Raghu used to work on a roadside eatery in Rajasthan. Though thin and short, he had something in his attitude that said, “don’t mess with me.” No wonder coming from eastern part of India, he made a living in the western Indian desert without even understanding the language. That is our Raghu, a stree smart... Continue Reading →

Chauvinist #BlogchatterA2Z

“My wife thinks our marriage is like the tail of a comet,” Som commented, “do you know what is a comet?” Sam was surprised by the question, and he did not know anything about a comet. He did not think Som  knew either.  “a comet is an object circulating in outer space that has a brignt... Continue Reading →

Be Like a Cactus #BlogchatterA2Z

Opportunities were scarce in Ranipura, the small town where Samsher Singh was born and raised. Sunburnt and dusty landscape did not allow anything to grow, except thorny bushes. State highway that ran from north to south touched Ranipura. The highway seemed to be the only connection with the world outside. Ranipura town, with a population... Continue Reading →

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