Zamindar #BlogchatterA2Z

Singh family, is considered a true blue blood in this town. Earlier times, they used to own a lot of land and had a haveli. Locals would address them as Raja saheb. In olden days, Royal family would throw party at their pleasure palace outside the town during important festivals like holi, diwali and new... Continue Reading →

Train Watcher #BlogchatterA2Z

A middle aged man entered the near empty platform, found an empty bench and sat down. -----X----- “Get this man out of my station,” Sam was clueless why sitting on a platform bench is an issue; his boss asked him to sort out the complain of station manager, he had not much of a choice. “What... Continue Reading →

Raghu, the Rascal #BlogchatterA2Z

Raghu used to work on a roadside eatery in Rajasthan. Though thin and short, he had something in his attitude that said, “don’t mess with me.” No wonder coming from eastern part of India, he made a living in the western Indian desert without even understanding the language. That is our Raghu, a stree smart... Continue Reading →

Lucky Break #BlogchatterA2Z

Sitting alone on a park bench, Shalini was lost in her thoughts. She has walked out on her father. She does not want to go back home. Her whole being was singed with what her father said, “get married or get out of my house.” -----X----- Shalini was not born to a well to do... Continue Reading →

Kindred Spirit #BlogchatterA2Z

“Do you know MacMurchie’s are in town?” Sam woke up from his deepest sleep, Shalini was shaking him like crazy. “What on earth is a MacMurchie?” Sam had no clue, he had no interest and he did not want to lose his warm blanket, “is it a new MacDonald burger with a lot of mirchi?”... Continue Reading →

Jamboree by Lake #BlogchatterA2Z

Every year in the autumn men and women gathered by water bodies, be it a river or a lake, and set afloat a lit lamp. Practice has been going on for many many years. Most participants in all likelihood have no idea of the significance of the event. But tradition is continuing. In his hometown,... Continue Reading →

Eagle Eye #BlogchatterA2Z

“Boss is going to be late,” announced Sam smiling, “he is stuck in traffic.” Sam drove like a maniac, jumped a few red lights, to make it on time for the meeting.  The meeting turned out to be a training session for young trainees in the department.  Read : Director, the Dictator As everyone was ushered... Continue Reading →

Director, the Dictator #BlogchatterA2Z

Mr Om Prakash Khurana, incharge of Investigation, Research and Analysis wing, ran his shop with an iron fist. A man averse to physical exercise, surviving on fried food, cigarette, and hard liquor, his peers and seniors were surprised that Khurana has survived a high pressure job without heart attack or stroke.  Khurana made sure his... Continue Reading →

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