Demonetisation, Dokalam and Debate

Very stern yet very photogenic anchor introduced the topic of discussion,"Dokalam, Demonetisation and India". India has a weakened economy and a standoff at the border with China. So what is the likely consequence in near future. Anchor looked at a distinguished lady, who happened to represent and organisation, “Democracy for All”. She started by saying,... Continue Reading →

Dokalam Face off : India Must Hold Ground

For sometime now Indian and Chinese armies are standing eye ball to eye ball, in the Dokalam plateau of Bhutan. The main dispute was China wanted to construct a road on Dokalam plateu. Any such road will allow them to mobilise military hardware easily incase of a confrontation. The areas is in the tri junction... Continue Reading →

OBOR, CPEC and India

China has come out a grand vision of world connectivity. In One Belt One Road summit held in Beijing on May, 2017, Chinese President shared his grand vision of interconnected world. As part of the plan China will invest 124 billion dollars towards building of road, rail and sea networks connecting Asia with Europe, Africa... Continue Reading →

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