Uptight #SundayPhotoFiction

“Get down, and get some hot tea,” the conductor announced as the bus stopped by a roadside eatery, “we shall stop here for fifteen minutes.” Mahesh slowly got up, stretched himself and moved towards the door. On his way to his native village to attend family business, Mahesh was not a happy traveller. “So many... Continue Reading →

A Coat of Paint #CarrotRanch

There was agreement that the room needed a fresh coat of paint. Disagreement was on the choice of color. Daughter wanted a pink color. Mother wanted a yellow or a white, a color that was bright. Father preferred green, the color of almighty, but also a wanted consensus. As controller of purse string, father had hoped... Continue Reading →

Changing Times #TellTaleThursday

Festival of color has arrived. Since time immemorial in this part of the world, men and women  smear color on each other overcoming the barrier of caste and creed.  From his balcony, Subodh was looking at celebration below. Dressed in kurta and pyjama, he was sipping on his glass of thandai. Holi celebration was underway in full... Continue Reading →


“I am going out for a while,” “Where are you going Shailaja, when will you be back?” “I need to be alone, mother, for a while; don’t wait for me.” She often visited this wooded area to clear her head. Sitting on a log, Shailaja lit a cigarette, and looked around. Her red dress matched... Continue Reading →

Umbrella Shop

Father and daughter were walking through a narrow passage. One side was boarded up. There were shops on the other side. “Dad look so many umbrellas! red, green, blue, so many colors!” Little girl clapped excitedly. Father looked up from his phone call. “Dad, can I have an umbrella?” “Umbrella! Dear, we have have umbrellas... Continue Reading →

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