Eager #CarrotRanch

  His life did not depend on it, but a news would have been welcome. It was nearly a month earlier, he had shared his resume. He was certain about his selection. Afterall, his resume was rich in qualification and relevant experience. He was certain that his pay package will see a significant jump. He had... Continue Reading →

Dream #WOW

It was lunch time. Junior faculty members were chatting at the university cafeteria. Topic of discussion ranged from issues related to politics, disparity in pay scale from other universities, and finally their own dreams, ambitions and future. Most of them wanted to marry, get promoted, find a better opportunity and eventually settle down. Akash stood... Continue Reading →

Duty vs. Dream

Mahesh was the youngest son of cloth merchant Kishan Lal. Every morning at 9 am Mahesh opened their family owned shop in the main market and oversaw business till 5 pm in the evening. Mahesh had to tally inventories, supervise sales and take care of cash box. Some days, he had to sit till 9... Continue Reading →

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