“This is our new home for the summer,” said Madhav dropping his meager belonging on the ground under the bridge, “few people from our village are also here; place has some privacy and it will be cool during summer days.” Consecutive years of drought, have forced farmers like Madhav migrate to towns in search of... Continue Reading →

Drought: How to Combat

  Droughts are hitting India at regular interval. Every year, from April onwards we see repeat of same tale of water shortage. We see dried fields, parched dams, animals dying for absence of drinking water, farmers committing suicide becaue of crop failure. This year is no different. Already, TV channles are beaming drought conditions in... Continue Reading →

Drought and Water Harvesting

Different regions of India face severe draught every year. In 2016, almost eight states were under the grip of drought. Worst affected was Latur district  in  Marathwada region of Maharashtra. So acute was water shortage that government had to run water train to the water scarce region. There was two aspects to the problem. One... Continue Reading →

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