“Pesticides are killing more men and less bugs,” commented Mrs Kapoor as she was showing her inventory to police inspector Tamble in her newly constructed store room, “who died this time, inspector?” “looks like a murder Mrs. Kapoor, not a suicide,” replied Tamble, “I want to talk to your manager.” Mrs. Kapoor’s family owns large... Continue Reading →


“This is our new home for the summer,” said Madhav dropping his meager belonging on the ground under the bridge, “few people from our village are also here; place has some privacy and it will be cool during summer days.” Consecutive years of drought, have forced farmers like Madhav migrate to towns in search of... Continue Reading →

Why Farmers are in Distress

Often I read in newspaper and hear on TV that farmers are in distress. I hear farmers are committing suicide because of crop failure. Recently, farmers marched on foot for hundreds of kilometers from different parts of Maharashtra to Mumbai to put forward their demand. Many commentators believe farmer distress is going to play a... Continue Reading →

Technology Can Remove Corruption

I was reading this article on Sunday Times of India. One gentleman, Venkat Iyer, had to visit  Tehsildar's office twenty six times to get a certificate declaring him to be a farmer. This certificate only entitles him to be a farmer. It is not a position of profit. Yet, he had to travel 26 times... Continue Reading →

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