Jamboree by Lake #BlogchatterA2Z

Every year in the autumn men and women gathered by water bodies, be it a river or a lake, and set afloat a lit lamp. Practice has been going on for many many years. Most participants in all likelihood have no idea of the significance of the event. But tradition is continuing. In his hometown,... Continue Reading →


Many had gathered by the lakeside for festival of light, as we arrived.  “What is this show all about,” asked my friend. One man had floated a boat carrying a candle in the memory of his departed daughter. The tradition has continued. Many now release their boats. Reflection of candles create an illusion of underwater... Continue Reading →

Zee Jaipur Literature Festival

This year I attended Jaipur Literature Festival, also known as Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, this year. This festival happens every year, for five days from 24th Jan till 29th Jan. Festival organisers are Mr. William Dalrymple, Mr. Sanjay Roy, and Ms. Nandita Gokhale.Festival venue is Diggy Palace, an old haveli on Tonk Road. It has been... Continue Reading →

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