Hex or Hoax #BlogchatterA2Z

“Look, I don’t believe in anything supernatural and/or paranormal mumbo jumbo,” Shalini said forcefully and with cetain amount of derision, “what I see, what I hear and what I feel, I believe.”  Samsher and Shalini were having dinner with friends.  “I agree with you Shalini,” Som joined in, “believing in power of stars, I got my... Continue Reading →

Fall of Golconda

  Standing on the ramparts of Golconda fort as a tourist, I was transported to a day in September 1687. From the fortified walls, eighth Sultan of Golconda, was looking at the imperial siege of his fort for the last eight months. How much longer? In the imperial tent, impatient emperor Aurangzeb asked, “I am... Continue Reading →

Alwar : Towards Bhangarh Fort

There are several places within 100 km of Alwar city that may interest tourist. These include the following:   1. Bhangarh palace 2. Ajabgarh fort 3. Sariska National Park and Tiger Sanctuary 4. Karni Devi Temple 5. Siliserh Lake   We took of for Bhangarh one morning. Bhangarh is around 80 km for the city... Continue Reading →

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