Tale of Corruption: Fact or Fiction

The present government at the centre came to power with a promise that there will be no compromise against corruption. As a result, it became a matter of great discomfort when an article appeared in a web portal, The Wire.in, suggesting son of party president had benefitted after BJP government came to power at the... Continue Reading →

Buddhist Cave in Uperkot Fort, Junagadh

I saw 2000 year old caves, which were most likely Buddhist monastery, for the first time in Uperkot Fort of Junagadh. The cave was built three stories under the ground. Keeping in mind the hot climate of Gujarat, the thought process of building underground structures and having engineering capability to construct it was fascinating. The whole... Continue Reading →


There are several places to visit in Porbandar. We stopped to visit Gandhi ji's residence. Kirti Mandir was the house of the Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba, his wife. This place is situated near the place where the Mahatma Gandhi was born. This place is now a small museum and also has a Gandhian library and... Continue Reading →

Towards Somnath Part I

We packed our bags and left Dwarka at around 9 am in the morning for Somnath.  Distance from Dwarka to Somanath is around 235 km. Our first destination was Porbandar, Gandhi ji's birth place around 105 km from Dwarka. We were travelling north to south on a coastal highway on the western edge of Saurasthra... Continue Reading →

Around Dwarka, Part II

As we were crossing the sea on a boat, I took this reflection of sunlight on the water. I liked it, thought I should share. On Byet Dwarka jetty I was standing on my own. Sun was setting on the horizon. I took a series of photos and videos. The one below is a 60... Continue Reading →

Around Dwarka Part I

In addition to Dwarkadheesh temple, Dwarka has several other places that tourists / devotees visit. I have listed them in the order our driver took us to these places. These include the following: 1. Renuka Devi Temple 2. Tata Salt Factory at Meethapur 3. Byet Dwarka 4. Jyotirlinga Shiva 5. Gopi Talao 6. Gomti Ghat Renuka... Continue Reading →

Jamnagar, On the Way to Dwarka

Our first stop in Gujarat trip was Jamnagar. Jamnagar is nearly 300 km by road from Ahmedabad. We decided to stop at Jamnagar because some of our relatives had nearly 30 hour train journey a day before. A continuous travel from Ahmedabad to Dwarka would be too tiring for them. We had booked an Inova.... Continue Reading →

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