Vacation #BlogchatterA2Z

“Khurana, this is an all expense holiday package,” O P Khurana’s boss dangled it on his face and ordered, “get out and take the vacation.” The idea of a vacation was foreign to Khurana who was used to coming office early and leaving late. “What do people do in a vacation?” asked Khurana to his... Continue Reading →

A Room With A View #FridayFictioneer

“Give me a room, anything, at any price.” Arriving without a booking in peak season, he hoped to talk his way around.  “Sorry sir,” answered the reception clerk, “nothing for a week.” A lot of haggling later, manager offered an employees room at double the rent and no complementary breakfast. “Look at the view,” manager... Continue Reading →


“This all expense paid holiday is becoming a torture than an enjoyment,” thought Sharma lying on an inflatable raft with his wife, sipping pineapple juice on the sea. Sharma could not reconcile his life with anything in this resort, be it high end room, high quality service, taut and toned bodied visitors, and price tags... Continue Reading →

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