Bright Spot #SundayPhotoFiction

Desperate to find a regular job, he had sent many applications and sat for several interviews. He was thrilled to receive the appointment letter that was delivered to him by courier. “You have understood the secrecy clause of your work, haven’t you?” human resource manager reminded him, “do not discuss your job outside, do not... Continue Reading →

Candidate #CarrotRanch

 “Make noise, a lot of it,” Nikhil’s political advisor said excitedly, “let people know your arrival.” Nikhil and his advisor were chatting on the way to his party office. There was a buzz that party will announce Nikhil as party candidate for assembly election. “How?” Nikhil asked his advisor, “help me improve visibility?” “Give interviews,... Continue Reading →

Job Interview

She saw the advert in a local newspaper. It said, “Wanted a full time house keeper/ secretary for an elderly gentleman. Applicant must be ready to provide company by reading to his employer, and take care of employer’s secretarial work. Prior experience is important but not mandatory. A personal interview is mandatory.” The address was... Continue Reading →

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