Bright Spot #SundayPhotoFiction

Desperate to find a regular job, he had sent many applications and sat for several interviews. He was thrilled to receive the appointment letter that was delivered to him by courier. “You have understood the secrecy clause of your work, haven’t you?” human resource manager reminded him, “do not discuss your job outside, do not... Continue Reading →

In Two Minds #SundayPhotoFiction

This summer he had planned to take a vacation. Inspector Aditya Sharma was looking intently at the brochure of the holiday resort. “Price looks affordable, I wish I could go” thought Sharma, “but this job with police department is like a boa constrictor, it does not let you go once it has you in her... Continue Reading →

Lucky Break #BlogchatterA2Z

Sitting alone on a park bench, Shalini was lost in her thoughts. She has walked out on her father. She does not want to go back home. Her whole being was singed with what her father said, “get married or get out of my house.” -----X----- Shalini was not born to a well to do... Continue Reading →

Be Like a Cactus #BlogchatterA2Z

Opportunities were scarce in Ranipura, the small town where Samsher Singh was born and raised. Sunburnt and dusty landscape did not allow anything to grow, except thorny bushes. State highway that ran from north to south touched Ranipura. The highway seemed to be the only connection with the world outside. Ranipura town, with a population... Continue Reading →

Assignment #BlogchatterA2Z

“Samsher Singh, boss wants you in his office.” “Now? Doesn’t he go home?”  Boss Mr O P Khurana is a strict disciplinarian. Outside his office, colleagues and juniors call him a sadist. He meets junior trainees like Sam in the first hour of morning or in the last hour of evening. But Samsher was not... Continue Reading →

Nervous #FridayFictioneer

Sitting in the air-conditioned office of the General Manager, Hemant was sweating. “you have worked with us for almost a decade,” manager commented, looking at a piece of paper minutely, “you know that cotton textile business is not profitable anymore.” "Company has been laying off people," Hemant's thought his worst fear was coming true, "Hemant,... Continue Reading →

Suicidal #TellTaleThursday

It was dusk, when I walked into the station. The protective sun shade was accentuating darkness. At this time of the day, not many long distance trains were due to leave or arrive. The platform had a deserted look. Local train that I take home is due to arrive in an hour on this platform.... Continue Reading →

Better Life #FFfAW

“By evening we shall be there,” the man told his son, “I shall get a job and we shall eat properly.” “I want a room,” said the tired and shabbily dressed man, to manager of the cheap hotel, “one that is the cheapest.” “I can give one room, no bed and no toilet,” said the... Continue Reading →

Recession #FFfAW

“Health of our organisation is not good,” the CEO announced in the packed townhall meeting, “I have to let go people; Human Resource will be in touch with you.” For last few weeks there was a rumor of something drastic about to happen. Rumor is now a reality.  “I am sorry, your services are no... Continue Reading →

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