Escape Plan #FridayFictioneer

“This is the extra storage space, that comes with your apartment,” the manager pointed at the wire mesh cages each with a wooden door, “you can store your unused stuff here.” “This will preserve my self esteem and my sanity,” Anuradha signed the lease despite the place not being exactly to her liking, “Anurag will... Continue Reading →

Nervous #FridayFictioneer

Sitting in the air-conditioned office of the General Manager, Hemant was sweating. “you have worked with us for almost a decade,” manager commented, looking at a piece of paper minutely, “you know that cotton textile business is not profitable anymore.” "Company has been laying off people," Hemant's thought his worst fear was coming true, "Hemant,... Continue Reading →


“Pesticides are killing more men and less bugs,” commented Mrs Kapoor as she was showing her inventory to police inspector Tamble in her newly constructed store room, “who died this time, inspector?” “looks like a murder Mrs. Kapoor, not a suicide,” replied Tamble, “I want to talk to your manager.” Mrs. Kapoor’s family owns large... Continue Reading →

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