One Monster Less #SundayPhotoFiction

“Look carefully,” the young police officer said to Nalini, “can you identify this person?” “What good is technology?” Nalini wondered, “if one still has to drag a relative to the mortuary to visually identify the dead!” Rajeshwar Singh's face looked grotesque wrapped in a cellophane. An oblong face, dotted with scars, bore testimony to many... Continue Reading →

Lucky Break #BlogchatterA2Z

Sitting alone on a park bench, Shalini was lost in her thoughts. She has walked out on her father. She does not want to go back home. Her whole being was singed with what her father said, “get married or get out of my house.” -----X----- Shalini was not born to a well to do... Continue Reading →

Chauvinist #BlogchatterA2Z

“My wife thinks our marriage is like the tail of a comet,” Som commented, “do you know what is a comet?” Sam was surprised by the question, and he did not know anything about a comet. He did not think Som  knew either.  “a comet is an object circulating in outer space that has a brignt... Continue Reading →

Bull’s Eye #CarrotRanch

“if you want Draupadi’s hand in marriage,” Arjuna was told, “ hit the fish eye, on the other side of circling wheel, all by looking at its reflection in water.”  “do you see wheel, and eye of the fish, mighty Arjuna?”  “Yes master, I do,”  “Pierce the eye, now!”  Of all assembled royalties from all over... Continue Reading →

Shocked #TellTaleThursday

Like every morning, Shefali was sitting before family deity Lord Govinda. But her mind was not on the lord.   “Bamun ma, send some one to bazaar for fresh vegetables and fish,” Shefali felt guilty for ignoring her lord but reasoned, “Gobinda will understand, today is special!” Shefali did not sleep all night. Shailen, her son,... Continue Reading →

Love of Gun #Sunday Photo Fiction

  “After today, I am quitting,” Shweta said as she took aim at the flying clay pigeon. “What? No you cant; we have championship coming up,” bewildered Anuj and Rohit could only protest. Three friends Shweta, Anuj and Rohit, founding members of local shooting club. Trio would meet, beyond city limits, on weekends for target... Continue Reading →

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