Kept Waiting #SundayPhotoFiction

“Your meeting has been rescheduled an hour later,” Guru ji’s man friday informed inspector Sharma who had come to investigate a case, “something urgent has come up.” “Do you want something stronger?” Sharma was about to light his cigarette when the attendant invited him in, “come with me.” “The man must be seriously connected,” Inspector... Continue Reading →

Workaholic #FridayFictioneer

Month of April this year, has been unusually cold. Still a snowfall! It caught him by surprise as he got up to prepare for the upcoming business meeting with clients in another continent. He was not equipped to drive in this condition. He was not sure if his city was, either. Authorities did make an... Continue Reading →

Omen #FFfAW

It was a bright and sunny autumn afternoon. Rohit was sitting under a banyan tree by the river. This secluded place, away from prying eyes, has been the favorite meeting point for Rohit and Shailaja, for the last few years. Shailaja was aware that in this small town people talk. An independent girl like Shailaja,... Continue Reading →

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