Shattered Glass #FridayFictioneer

“Tape up the glass, don’t replace now,” building manager told the handyman while inspecting the damage, “I have important visitors today, don’t want the entrance messed up.” Building is up for sale. New investors are sending their team for due diligence today. As luck would have it, stone had to be thrown on this date... Continue Reading →

Communion #Friday Fictioneer

“Who is that boy sitting alone in the graveyard,” I asked a neighbor, “Does he do drugs?” “That’s Billy, he is harmless.” “Kind of creepy, isn’t it?” After a long search I have found an affordable house. Only problem is proximity to the cemetery; separated by a thin strip of road and a wire fence... Continue Reading →

Job Interview

She saw the advert in a local newspaper. It said, “Wanted a full time house keeper/ secretary for an elderly gentleman. Applicant must be ready to provide company by reading to his employer, and take care of employer’s secretarial work. Prior experience is important but not mandatory. A personal interview is mandatory.” The address was... Continue Reading →

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