Black Magic #FridayFictioneer

Repeated downturns in her personal and professional life had forced her to reach out to the Shaman as a last desperate effort. “There is a spell on you,” pronounced the priest, “find it in the basement of your home.” With a lot of apprehension and anticipation, she opened the locked door of the basement. There... Continue Reading →

A Dark Heart #SundayPhotoFiction

All his life Guru ji has been an early riser. A long morning walk and feeding his favorite crow has become a part of his morning ritual. A few years back, guru ji had found this injured bird and nursed it back to health. Today, a bond is established between the man and the bird.... Continue Reading →

A New Opening #SundayPhotoFiction

Still no clue about antecedents of her friend Shyam, Shalini felt that her personal space was coming down crashing as she prepared herself to answer barrage of questions of inspector Sharma. “We were childhood friends inspector, we moved to big city to pursue college education. Shyam was the most intelligent and academic minded. He wanted... Continue Reading →

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