Woods #SundayPhotoFiction

The neighborhood got its name from the park. Locals used to call it the park facing colony. Park had tall trees. In the spring season, arrival of flowers would set the trees on fire. The trail below will also be covered with the carpet of red color. When he was a kid he would go... Continue Reading →

Green Cover

Neighborhood has lost the court battle with city council. A car park is going to come up on this piece of land. Contractor has moved in armed with a court order and an earthmover in tow. “Where shall we play, grandma?” asked an anxious kid, “so many birds also will become homeless, will they not?”... Continue Reading →

A Day in Ranthambhor

It was a hot summer morning in Ranthambhor National Park. Inhabitants had gathered around watering holes. Peacocks were trying to entice females. They had spread their feather widespread and strutting around. But deers around them had other worries. There was a rumour that a sambar deer has lost his life. In this era of social... Continue Reading →

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