The Waiting Room #SundayPhotoFiction

Sitting in the small waiting room lined with cheap plastic chairs, Shalini felt the room lit with an artificial light resembled her life. Shalini was asked to wait here, as the inspector got a phone call and had to leave. Still clueless about the proceedings so far, Shalini was also not sure, how much longer... Continue Reading →

Family Business #SundayPhotoFi

  “Tring, tring, tring, tring,” Shalini was busy working in her father’s shop when her cell phone rang. She did not answer the unknown number, as she had no intention of talking to a stranger after a tiring day. Shalini has been working with her father complete his supply order of jackets for glass bottles.... Continue Reading →

Plunge #TellTaleThursday

Shyam Sunder came out on the spacious balcony outside. Everyone else was busy inside the room, dancing, chatting and eating. He stood on the parapet, spread his arms in an wide arc and jumped. In utter disbelief a few rushed out to the balcony only to see the body going down and hitting the ground... Continue Reading →

Ideological Battle #FridayFictioneer

“Sir you have to stop this party,” said the police man looking at the decorations. A real estate tycoon had organised a poolside party after winning a court battle against building a multistorey paid sports complex. “On what ground officer?” asked the host, “we have won the case fair and square!” “A stay order has... Continue Reading →

Zamindar #BlogchatterA2Z

Singh family, is considered a true blue blood in this town. Earlier times, they used to own a lot of land and had a haveli. Locals would address them as Raja saheb. In olden days, Royal family would throw party at their pleasure palace outside the town during important festivals like holi, diwali and new... Continue Reading →

Friends in the Making #BlogchatterA2Z

Samsher was not doing anything in particular when the phone rang. Som Prakash was on the other side.  “Be ready, we shall go together for the year end party.” “I am not going. You will go with your wife. Who will come with me?” “Party improves visibility, boss. Khurana must know you attended his party,”... Continue Reading →

Year End Party #Tell Tale Thursday

“Rohit, coming to end of the year party?” Vikas asked over the phone “Say one last goodbye to old colleagues.” “No yaar,” Rohit sounded non commital, “Just back from mountains; I am joining my new job.” “So you want to spend the year end evening all by yourself?” “What is the big deal to be... Continue Reading →

Rivals #Sunday Photo Fiction

The place with low stools, a few low tables used to be their common place to hang out. Abandoned by previous owners, new owners have not taken possession yet. Boys found it an ideal place away from city crowds and their prying eyes. “Guys I have good news,” Rohit said flashing a piece of paper... Continue Reading →

Mind Game #TellTaleThursday

Before taking up her new assignment, Shalini was spending time with Shivani. “Yaar, party improves visibility; I must go,” Shivani was getting ready for her Boss’s party, “come with me.” “Me! You go, I shall stay at home.” “ there will be many single men” Shivani dangled a carrot. “Don’t try so hard, I shall... Continue Reading →

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