Politics of Lynching

Two lynching incidents have occupied media space recently. One being lynching of a deputy superintendent of police in Srinagar. The other being murder of a young boy for being muslim. Police man was killed right outside a mosque at the time to evening prayer. Killed outside abode of god at the time of his prayer!... Continue Reading →

Cow or Man : Whose Life Anyway!

Video footage of gau rakshaks (cow protector) beating up women and children of a nomad family went viral. A few days before, Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer, was beaten for transporting cow. Pehlu Khan died of his injury. This was followed by attack by cow protection group on a  truck carrying buffalo in Delhi. Driver... Continue Reading →

Save Cow, Kill Man, Some Ideology

In my mind, I tried to reconcile and rationalise killings of Mohammad Akhlaq and Pehlu Khan. Both innocent average middle aged muslim men. Both killed by a mob of Hindu men, many much younger. Why such hate? Murderer of Mohammad Akhlaq draped in Indian tricolor! His achievement, killing an unarmed man at his home.Killer of... Continue Reading →

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