Snow Storm #CarrotRanch

Mikka was out to do some fishing, catch up with reading and have some quiet time in his cottage up north. He must have missed weather forecast. Storm caught Mikka unprepared. Running low on food and fuel, and suffering from poor cell phone connectivity, Mikka realised the extra can of gasoline in the trunk will... Continue Reading →

Reading Broadens Horizon #ReadBooks

At the present time I have no plans to read any book in the coming weeks. If you insist, I would like to re-read the following books: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo The Razors Edge by Somerset Maughm The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Pather Panchali by Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhyay Satyakam by Narayan Sanyal Gora by... Continue Reading →

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