“This is our new home for the summer,” said Madhav dropping his meager belonging on the ground under the bridge, “few people from our village are also here; place has some privacy and it will be cool during summer days.” Consecutive years of drought, have forced farmers like Madhav migrate to towns in search of... Continue Reading →


“Asif, beta where is your brother?” asked Mamata from inside. She was organising her new house. Mamata and Salman had recently moved from city to suburb. They used all their savings and took a heavy mortgage to buy this place. Family, took a liking for the place with sprawling green field and tall trees. True,... Continue Reading →

Rohingya : India Must Tread Carefully

The decision of government of India to deport 40000 Rohingya muslims settled in different parts of India, has come under a lot of criticism. Some say, it is inhuman to deport Rohingya people to a country where they will be killed. Others say, Rohingyas are being deported because they are muslims, whereas other people from... Continue Reading →

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