Disappointed #FridayFictioneer

He saw the bus, body painted in white with a thick red line in the middle, on his way to school. “Can I also travel by bus, dad?” “Walking is good for health, son,” father hid his inability to stretch his tight budget any further. He suppressed his disappointment for not been able to explore... Continue Reading →

Maverick #FridayFictioneer

“This is where I must live,”he thought looking admiringly at the house, “ with all my family under a single roof.” He saw himself playing hide and seek with grand kids and enjoying morning and evening tea at his verandah on the sea.  “Dad it is too far away,” first sign of resistance came from... Continue Reading →

Bungalow for Rent #TellTaleThursday

“Who is walking now?” the shuffling sound from rooftop made Mamata uneasy “stray animal!” Mamata has moved into this bungalow, with her husband and eight year old son, recently. “Only a fool will reject such a place at so little rent!” Mamata had reasoned. “Ashish beta did you bolt the doors?” her husband out of... Continue Reading →

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