Trust but Verify #WOW

This week’s WOW prompt asks what is faith? In my mind, faith is an incontrovertible belief on a person or an event. A believer is ready to go to any length to prove that his belief system is correct. In Hinduisim, Bhakti Yoga is a prominent path to god realisation, along with Jnana Yoga, Karma... Continue Reading →

In Conversation with God

Telephone service at my home is unpredictable. Most of the time I get a message almost half hour after someone was actually trying to call me. This is good if you are trying to avoid creditors. But not good if you wish to talk to family and friends. Seriously! I have come out in my... Continue Reading →

God Particle and Vedanta

A fundamental question that has been asked time and again, "is there a deeper purpose to life?" is there a common principle that is fundamental to all existence? Seekers, scientists, philosophers have been trying to search answer following different methods. Practioners of modern science have analysed material world in search of the truth. Scientists discovered... Continue Reading →

Do We Need God?

A question that often comes to my mind is, in this day an age, as technology makes our lives more easy, do we need to invent god? What can god give us that we do not already have? We can control birth and death. We have access to nuclear and thermo-nuclear devices that can destroy the... Continue Reading →

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