The Waiting Room #SundayPhotoFiction

Sitting in the small waiting room lined with cheap plastic chairs, Shalini felt the room lit with an artificial light resembled her life. Shalini was asked to wait here, as the inspector got a phone call and had to leave. Still clueless about the proceedings so far, Shalini was also not sure, how much longer... Continue Reading →

Stranger #BlogchatterA2Z

“I don’t believe in ghost and anything out of the ordinary events,” Shalini was in her forceful self, “if something wants to scare me, it has to present itself to me; then it would no longer be a ghost would it.” Shalini was very proud of her succinct argument as she started arranging woods for... Continue Reading →

Suicidal #TellTaleThursday

It was dusk, when I walked into the station. The protective sun shade was accentuating darkness. At this time of the day, not many long distance trains were due to leave or arrive. The platform had a deserted look. Local train that I take home is due to arrive in an hour on this platform.... Continue Reading →


“Pesticides are killing more men and less bugs,” commented Mrs Kapoor as she was showing her inventory to police inspector Tamble in her newly constructed store room, “who died this time, inspector?” “looks like a murder Mrs. Kapoor, not a suicide,” replied Tamble, “I want to talk to your manager.” Mrs. Kapoor’s family owns large... Continue Reading →

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