Shattered Dream #SundayPhotoFiction

“Sir, we are ready to release you,” the negotiator would say, “as long as you promise not to engage in political activity, for next five years.” He was a political prisoner. Access to a window was one of the few privileges he was granted. His favorite pastime was to look outside. Wild plants, with scrawny... Continue Reading →

Coincidence #FridayFictioneer

“Pick me up from the airport,” Nirmala had phoned before boarding, “I am excited!” -----X----- “Open the windows, Bhola, let fresh air and light in the room.” “Looks to be jammed,” Bhola tried to force the reluctant windows to open, “thank god, I shall be out of this unholy place by sun down.” On his... Continue Reading →


Day was ending but evening was not ready, yet. Moon was halfway into the sky; trying to showoff her punctuality. Staring through the window, he felt dark thoughts were returning. “Something hiding up in the hill! He ordered all to be home early; it is not safe out there.” They laugh and ignore him claiming... Continue Reading →

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